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people in bespoke uniform

Bespoke Uniforms

We at Priveatelier supply custom-made and high-end uniforms to corporate clients, hotels, restaurants, etc. in Dubai, UAE. What sets our shop apart is that each uniform is treated individually and custom-made for the respective staff member. If you are looking for top-quality uniforms for your organization, contact us today with your requirement.

Our Process

1. Consultation & Design

The first step in the process is to work with you to understand your requirements. Once we understand your requirements we present with you with multiple options and technical drawings to choose your uniforms from. 

3. Test Fittings

Once the samples are approved, we begin the production process. We take measurements for each of your staff and then invite them for test-fittings to ensure the fit is perfect. 

2. Sample Production 

Once the designs are finalized, we proceed to produce 2 to 4 sample uniforms so you have the opportunity to see them live in person. We note down any further tweaks that may be required based on your feedback.

4. Dedicated Production

We allocate and dedicate time during the final production process to ensure that you have timely delivery of your uniforms. 

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