• Alterations and Repairs

    We deliver a full range of alteration services across all apparel, clothing and fabrics

  • Suits & Shirts

    We provide the full range of custom gents clothing for men, from suits, blazers, shirts to trousers and pants etc.

  • Bespoke Suits

    Distinguished custom-made suits for men that blend unmatched craftsmanship with superior quality.

  • Home Tailoring

    We Provide tailoring service from the comfort for your home. Our tailors will visit for measurements, collection, and drop off(minimum charges apply)

  • Bespoke Uniforms

    We deliver high-end custom uniforms for corporates, hotels and restaurants guaranteed to fit perfectly for each staff.

  • Custom-Made Ladies Dresses

    We specialize in sophisticated women's dresses and outfits, helping from design to deliver the perfect dress.

  • Bridal and Wedding Dresses

    Exclusive dresses of world known top designers and bespoke wedding dresses.

  • Ashfaq

    Master Tailor

  • Javed

    Master Tailor

  • Atta

    Alterations Master

  • Abid

    Alterations Master

  • Nitz


  • Marife


  • Haider

    Stitching Specialist

  • Alli

    Homeservices Tailor

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