A Complete Guide About Alteration Tailor in Dubai - 2023

A Complete Guide About Alteration Tailor in Dubai - 2023

Have you ever canceled purchasing your favorite dress because it does not fit you? If yes, then you must be aware of that hard feeling of rejecting your favorite dresses because of the size.

This is where an alteration tailor comes to save your day. These tailors work their magic to revolutionize your clothing and make every garment look like it was made just for you!

In this article, you will get to know how alterations could completely transform your closet!

Who is an alteration tailor?

An alteration tailor is an expert seamster who is competent in modifying, customizing, and repairing an existing piece of clothing.

The main difference between an alteration tailor and a general tailor is that he/she is an expert in making appropriate sizes, and other changes to fix or fit an existing piece of clothing. However, these tailors may have their expert level for men, women, or children's clothing individually.

Why use alteration tailor services?

Many individuals perceive that modification of clothing is an exorbitant expense that is only good for movie stars, or models. This belief is wrong as most individuals are unaware of the numerous benefits of having custom-fitted clothes according to one's body size and shape.


alteration tools for tailor


Here are some of the benefits that will comply people to use the services of alteration tailors:

  1. Clothes that are altered and tailored to your size and height will fit you well, flatter your body shape, and reflect a confident personality with an additional sense of self-satisfaction.
  2. Dresses that are made for you will always make you look smarter and poised. So to look your best in a fancy-looking dress on a store's shelf, pick up a professional to change it according to your need!
  3. If you want to live a moderate lifestyle, modifying and repairing can help. As with time, body measurements change, and getting clothes altered according to your measurements will increase their wearable span.
  4. Alteration can help you save money, as for ill-fitted clothes, no matter how expensive they are, you surely will want to replace them. But alteration tailors can change that and save your hard-earned money!
  5. Transforming clothes to a new style can change the feel and look of your dress. Therefore you can also reuse them often when old trends come back to life. With few modifications and adjustments, you can wear your new or old dresses and still feel trendy!

When to use the services of an alteration tailor?

Alterations and repairing can completely transform your clothing and make you look taller and leaner or help you minimize specific areas to achieve the perfect fit.


tailor taking size for alteration


Here are some of the scenarios that require the services of alteration and modification:

Brand new clothes

If you invest in an expensive garment that you intend to wear for a long time, then it is a good idea to combine it with a custom alteration. It ensures that the dress fits you ideally and evolves with you and the trends that come. The alteration also facilitates that all your costly clothing items are wearable even when your body measurements fluctuate.

Special occasion clothing

Clothes are by far the most important part of every special occasion. Be it a prom night, a job interview, an occasional party, or a wedding, your clothes should make you feel like the most attractive, positive, and confident person of all.

All these need perfect customization to showcase them at a beautiful function. It implies that they might need a little modification each time you decide to wear your special occasion dress. Alteration tailors can ensure that your occasion clothing fits you perfectly and is trendy no matter when you decide to wear it!

Favorite garments

There is always a favorite shirt, jeans, skirt, or a dress that one loves unconditionally because it has always made you feel confident and has never failed to impress.

Alteration and repair can help you increase the life span of your life-saving garment and enable you to wear it more often. Also, it allows you to transform its fit according to your specifications over time.

How to find the right tailor?

It is very important to find the right alteration tailor as it can make or break your clothing attire. If you are new to someplace and looking for an alteration and repairing tailor, make sure that you do research before choosing someone.

  1. Online research
  2. Ask around
  3. Examine first with an easy alteration

Here we have gathered a few tips that can help you find the right alteration tailor:

Online research

Before choosing an alteration tailor, you can always search for top or best tailors using the internet. Google and yelp are sites that can help you by providing reviews of different customers. You can also visit the personal website of tailors or explore their social media presence to know how they work.

Ask around

You can also choose a tailor by asking your friends, family, or co-workers who used the services of such tailors.

Your inner circle can help you select a good tailor as they already would have experienced acquiring services from one. You can ask your retailers or directly call or in-visit a tailor to get your queries answered.

Examine first with an easy alteration

When you decide on any alteration tailor, start with an easy and basic modification as a trial. If your test runs satisfactorily with the selected tailor, work with them on more complex transformations.

Best alteration tailor in Dubai

Here is a list of the best alteration and repair tailoring shops that can alter your dresses just perfectly.


If you are looking for an alteration and repairing tailor that can transform your clothing and revolutionize your style, then the alteration services of Prive Atelier are what you need!

We are known among the best alteration tailors in Dubai, trained to manage the most complex modifications. From casual clothing to fancy wedding dresses, we can ensure that the customers' exact requirements are delivered!

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